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Digital Mums is a training company specialising in getting mums job-ready with in demand digital skills, so they can find rewarding roles that sync with family life.


Why it's great

The Digital Retox is designed to help you gain the right digital skills and confidence to thrive in today's workplace whether you’re in work or on a career break.

Build market-ready digital skills

Digital Retox upskills women in work with next-generation digital workplace tools that can immediately make a difference to their current role. For those on a career break, we’ll make sure your skills are 21st Century-ready and give you the confidence boost you need to get back into the workforce.

Future-proof your career

Jobs and skills go out of date faster than ever before. We’ll show you how to keep up with the evolving modern workplace and build the career you deserve by becoming a lifelong learner and creating a killer personal online brand.

A fun, female-friendly environment

We’re big believers in women supporting women and understand that learning something new can be a daunting experience. That’s why on the Digital Retox you’ll be learning with a group of like-minded women in a way that's supportive and, most importantly, fun.

I've felt that I could really understand these new digital tools within a larger context of how the modern workplace is changing and evolving. I’d really recommend the Retox to anyone - it’s been a total life and career changer for me.

Victoria Wotherspoon

Digital Retox student

What you'll learn

Our self-paced Digital Retox course builds up skills in cutting-edge digital workplace technologies to help future proof your career. To cement your learning, you’ll undergo weekly challenges to build your new found digital skills, and give you the confidence to try out other new technologies. The robots may be coming but there’s no need to fear them!

Learning & Development

Discover your learning style and develop a learning strategy to identify your best time and way to learn. Find out why 21st century employees need to become lifelong learners and how to harness digital tools and techniques to future proof your career.


Collaboration has never been easier or more efficient than today. You'll test out a range of digital tools that make working remotely less remote, and help improve productivity - at home and work!

Productivity & Efficiency

Find out how digital can transform business productivity and get direct experience harnessing digital tools to boost your own productivity.


Email is dying and communication in channels is going to become the norm in the next ten years. Get hands on with a new breed of communication tools like Slack and see how video and interactive video software can transform internal communication.

Who it's for


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The Social Business

Delve into the growing role social media plays in business success and how it relates to marketing, recruitment, innovation, employee communication and more.

For those on a career break, we’ll make sure your skills are 21st Century-ready and give you the confidence boost you need to get back into the workforce. 73% of students feel more confident overall as a result of taking part in the Digital Retox.

Career Breakers 


Digital Retox has given me tangible skills and tools that are changing the way I, and my organisation, work. I now want to innovate further in my current role and add even more value at work. I’d 100% recommend it.

Alex Chell

Digital Retox student

Women in work

Digital Retox helps women stand out in their existing workplace by upskilling them in next-generation digital workplace tools that can be easily transferred into their current role. Our students have already made some massive changes to the way they and their companies work!


Get 21st century ready and take control of your career



Personal branding

Here you’ll learn how to create a killer personal online brand so you can showcase your skills to the full and make work opportunities come to you.

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