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Our Digital Retox training programme will demystify digital and empower you with the confidence to return to the workplace or reboot your digital skills. Enter your email below to get our course outline and Info Pack.

Digital Mums is a training company specialising in getting mums job-ready with in demand digital skills, so they can find rewarding roles that sync with family life.


Why it's great

Digital Retox is designed to fast-track students' understanding of the key digital technologies and skills crucial to the modern workplace.

Confidence building

Confidence-building is at the heart of everything we do. We'll empower you with the confidence to return to the workplace or upskill and refresh your current skill set.

Build your online 'Digital Me'

We aim to develop students’ personal online brand so women can showcase their skills to the full and hustle for the roles - and pay - they deserve.

Become more employable

Whether you're currently working or not, the Digital Retox will build your digital skills, open you up to fresh new career opportunities and make you more employable.

I've felt that I could really understand these new digital tools within a larger context of how the modern workplace is changing and evolving. I’d really recommend the Retox to anyone - it’s been a total life and career changer for me.

Kate Brewin

Digital Retox pilot student

What you'll learn

Digital Retox aims to empower you with the latest digital tools and skills in demand from businesses today. This includes how to develop your personal online brand - your ‘Digital Me’ - so you can showcase your skills to the full and hustle for the roles - and pay - you deserve. 

Learning & Development

Find out why 21st century employees need to re-position themselves as lifelong learners and harness digital curation tools and techniques to stay on top of role and industry developments.


Collaboration has never been easier or more efficient than today. You'll dive into an array of digital tools that seamlessly support collaboration within and between businesses.

Productivity & Efficiency

Find out how digital is transforming business productivity areas and get direct experience harnessing digital tools to turbocharge your own productivity.


Delve into 21st century communication including the shift from email to innovative tools like Slack and the shift towards video and interactive video software to transform internal communication.

Who it's for

The Digital Retox is for mums from all backgrounds that want to harness the power of digital to supercharge their career prospects. It's particularly well-suited for:


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Get the course outline

The Social Employee

Here, you’ll begin developing your own personal online brand so you can showcase your skills and make work opportunities come to you.

The Future is Data

Learn about Big Data, driving decisions based on insights gathered, and how best to capture, visualise and present data.

Coding 101

Understand coding, the basic principles of programming and the role they play in the modern workplace.

Looking to refresh your career but not sure where to start? Digital Retox equips you with the digital tools needed to build a killer online profile, network online, get up to date with industry news and set yourself up as a thought leader so you can get closer to your career change goals. 

Career Breakers / Maternity Leavers


Digital Retox will create more efficient ways of working remotely and add killer digital skills to your freelance bow. You’ll also learn how to build a standout personal brand online and set yourself up as a thought leader so you can hustle for more exciting work and better rates.


For me the best thing is just how much my confidence has already been raised.  I now feel able to create a great LinkedIn profile that I can confidently use for job applications.

Denise Harman

Digital Retox pilot student

Women in work

For those in work, Digital Retox will help you do your job better and open you up to new opportunities at work. It's the perfect low touch way to develop your digital knowledge, create a killer professional profile and build digital skills through practical challenges.


Embrace digital and turbo-charge your career prospects



The Social Business

Delve into the growing role social media plays in business success and how it relates to marketing, recruitment, innovation, employee communication and more.

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