Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level

What's in the Course?


Learn how to set your profile up and benchmark yourself in your industry.

How to Set Up


Showcasing your Skills

Showing off your professional skills increases the likelihood of you getting noticed on LinkedIn.


Breaking Down your Experience


Crafting your Headline


Connecting and Recommending


Building your Brand

Build and optimise your LinkedIn profile with our free seven day email course, designed with insights and recommendations directly from LinkedIn themselves.

We'll teach you how to frame your experience even if it's voluntary or you've had a career break.

How you write your headline and summary can have a huge impact on your professional success.

Master the art of building connections and getting recommendations.

Learn how to use LinkedIn to stay informed and build a strong professional brand.

Designed with

Earlier this year we were invited to LinkedIn's offices to learn from them directly about how to best use the platform. We've built this course based on the insights they have from analysing millions of their users to ensure it is as practical and actionable as possible.

We've combined these insights with successful tactics that our Digital Mums graduates have used to optimise their own profiles. In one week you'll transform your LinkedIn profile into one that gets you noticed and paves the way for future career success.

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